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Where to get Cheap Motorcycle Parts?

Motorcycles are becoming ever popular these days with the numerous Indian and international brands entering the country. Initially there were just Hero Honda, Yezdi, Kawasaki, Bajaj, TVS, LML, etc now there are at least a dozen more brands such as Honda, Hyosung, KTM, TVS, Mahindra & Mahindra, BMW, etc.
However, owning a vehicle doesn’t just mean paying for the motorcycle at the dealership and the deal is done. What happens when something goes wrong? Or something doesn’t work? Or you have an accident? Where do you run? Obviously you have insurance and that can cover some costs to getting your bike back on the road. But what about other maintenance costs? Spark plugs, tyres, ignition coils, fan belts, lights, etc all need changing at least once a year and it is better to do this at regular intervals as first of all you won’t get stuck when you need to get to that ever important meeting and your bike doesn’t start and secondly a good service history helps in selling the motorcycle easier.
The obvious choice to buy your motorcycle’s spare parts is the motorcycle company where you bought the bike itself from? It is an expensive proposition to be honest and some dealerships cheat their customers by passing off fake parts as genuine or they remove genuine parts from your beloved motorcycle and install either fake or second hand parts which can have a bad impact on the performance of the motorcycle. The other alternative is buying from Original Equipment Manufacturers or OEM’s, OEM’s are the companies that make these parts in the first place i.e. they are the vendor’s to the motorcycle company where you bought your bike from in the first place. Parts are as good as the ones that you might buy from the dealership, albeit you might have to buy these from either a distributor or a retailer and pay a small price to a mechanic to get installed. However, that being said it is still a cheap and convenient option.
The last option is to buy parts second hand from either second hand shops or mechanics or second hand part markets. This is the cheapest option however it will take a long time to find parts, ingenuity will obviously be uncertain, one will need to pay to get the part installed and it might have a negative impact on the performance of your motorcycle. Therefore this is not a good idea and should only be given a serious thought if all else fails and you have a really really rare motorcycle that doesn’t have parts available in the mainstream dealers and distributors.
Delhi and its surrounding areas have many areas where you can find both OEM and second hand spare parts. Apart from your local neighborhood garage with your trusty mechanic, you can find spare parts in ECL India which is one of the largest auto part suppliers in India.